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The 2GO OUT Consulting team advised the development of 17 applications to the PRR for the Tender Notice 02/C11-i01/2021 - Decarbonization of Industry, which closed on 31 July 2022, representing a total of more than 101 million euros of investment.
This consultancy included, among other tasks, the responsibility for carrying out ex-ante evaluations, in which the initial emissions value is estimated and the average reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, with the implementation of the investments applied for, is justified. .
Taken together, these applications make a strong contribution to the decarbonization and cost reduction of these industrial companies. The aggregated results are presented as follows:
- 101 million euros of investment.
- Reduction of 86,800 tons of CO2e
- Reduction of 10 374 Tep in primary energy consumption
- Average reduction of 47.26% in CO2e emissions
- Investment in 15,279 MW in the electrification of industrial processes
- Investment in 26,856 MW in renewable energy, with emphasis on photovoltaic solar systems.

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