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HOOP, Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub, supports 8 lighthouse cities and regions in developing large-scale urban circular bioeconomy initiatives that will focus on the production of bio-based products from urban biological waste and wastewater.

The HOOP Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub has created an online platform to promote the exchange and replication of knowledge in cities and regions across Europe. HOOP will provide Project Development Assistance (PDA) to Albano-Laziale (Italy), Almere (Netherlands), Bergen (Norway), Kuopio (Finland), Münster (Germany), Murcia (Spain), Grande Porto (Portugal), and Western Macedonia (Greece).

On this platform you will find the Virtual Academy, in which, in addition to the various HOOP initiatives, resources related to the implementation of urban circular bioeconomy solutions are made available, such as manuals, information sheets and videos on technologies and financial engineering for circular bioeconomy projects.

At Casa do Corim, Academia Lipor explored the topic of Circularity and its respective challenges and opportunities, analyzed some circularity tools and case studies and promoted the sharing of experiences among participants.

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